Credentials for Preaching to the Church on this blog

Been told that having the right credentials within the church world is necessary when one starts preaching. That we have to have the backing of the local church body. Not true or necessary in any way. But nonetheless, I shall answer this in full, after a story. Also was told that the Apostle Paul was discipled for years before he went out to preach. Also not true. So ready for a whirlwind of a post to tie together why I don’t need humankinds credentials to preach the gospel, both to Christians and non Christians?In Acts 9, we see the conversion of Paul. It states that he was without his sight for three days. Therefore, it is a safe bet that he didn’t be discipled for years whilst blind. After receiving his sight he traveled to Damascus and “straightaway” preached in the synagogues. In Galatians 1 we see that he spent time in Damascus after Arabia ’tis true. After 3 years preaching in Damascus, then he went to see the apostle Peter. 
He was also very clear about who taught him the gospel. It was Jesus Himself. This tells me that when in 1st John it says that we need no man to teach us when the Holy Spirit is to do that, it does mean it. 
Paul the Apostle cast aside all his credentials as a Jew and counted them all as dung for Christ. So we see here that human credentials are pretty worthless to God, when we elevate them to being necessary to preach the gospel. 
So I’m going to give you the credentials that God, through Christ gave me. 
I’m a King and a Priest.(Revelation)
I’m blood bought. (Christ and Him crucified.)
Son of the Living God. (1 John 3)
So.. my credentials are given me by the Most High. Who is the be all, end all. Beginning and the End. 

By these do I make my claim to preach the gospel, as commanded by Christ Himself before His ascension.