Why Do I Delve?

Hello there, all ye who have discovered my blog.

I go by Calanon.

You are most welcome here, to comment, communicate, and tell me the subjects you’re curious about.


I am a Christian Mystic, which means so many things. For now, that means that God is stripping away my theological understanding to show me a way into a deeper relationship with Him. I couldn’t believe how I missed so much of what I have learned in the past several weeks, for so many years of study off and on. And yet, I know why that is. I’ve spent many years inside a structure, and allowed that to take first place, all the while citing Jesus as the one I was following. Even deeper still, I changed churches, and started learning anew, but it was the same, a structure. Sometimes a structure is a good thing. But sometimes, God has to strip us down to the basics, because that is where He is. Get rid of all else to be with Him. It is not by Might, nor by Power, but BY MY SPIRIT , says the Lord.

Altogether too often we use intellectual knowledge, which spawns forth in the soul, to do that which is supposed to be done in the Spirit. I’m now seeking after His Spirit  more than before, because I’m tired of living for me. I wanna burn with Him in me.

That’s a little bit about me, but it is also the most important part.

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