The Lord is not Perfect

The Lord will be perfect. The Lord was perfect at one point outside of the immeasurable time and space, perhaps, though this cannot fully be known.

But at this very moment, Hashem is not perfect. This world is not perfect, and yet is sustained, recreated, and held together in Him and by Him. Evil, demonic, sin, defects in our nature as humans.. all exist within Him. So, are these things part of perfection?

To my mind, I dont think they are. But all these things are rooted in the divinity that is Ein Sof. However.

My reasoning is this. Until this world is perfected, until we all finally learn to grow up and get along, the Moshiach will not come, and then, when this world is perfected and become good, so that Moshiach will come, then The Lord will be perfect once again. But until all creation is elevated into holiness, Hashem will not be perfect.

Why do I choose to serve Hashem? Because He gave up His perfection to create us, and He told us how to become like Him. How to elevate ourselves and the rest of the world, so that we can be perfect, and so can He. I am not looking for a god to serve me. And that’s what I’ve found often in my journey. You get a system, and then the gods of that system have a deal for you. You do what they want, and they give you stuff.

This is not healthy. This is most of christianity. Jesus becomes your savior, your comforter. Your livelihood. He serves you so you can serve him.

This is wrong. Echad is right. Hashem is completely tied up into who we are, and we are completely tied into who He is. There is no true separation. All are the same, all are divine sparks from Hashem, elevating the world one mitzvot at a time.

Believing in Moshiach is not a mitzvot. It’s the essence. The whole of Torah.

If you believe in a messiah because you’re hurting and things are getting worse, then you’re looking for god to serve you.

If, on the other hand, you believe in the Torah, and insist on following it, then you ultimately can’t escape belief in Moshiach. If Moshiach isn’t coming, then why not murder? However, this line of reasoning is also flawed in that if you need a cosmic being to hold your leash in order to behave, you’re basically a shitty person, with a lot of soul correction in the works.

However. If Moshiach won’t come until the world has been elevated into holiness, then we had best get started. Follow Torah. Fulfill the covenant you’ve been given. Jews have the Torah. Gentiles have the covenant of Noah. Both covenants go hand in hand, making this world a better place.

The Lord will be perfect. Otherwise His plans here have failed utterly, which is not what happens if one is perfect.

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