The Mark of Christmas

An indelible mark, made upon the universe, the day Christ was born. It firmly planted roots in the tradition of hospitality to all, and everyone feels it, even if only a little, during these darker days of the year.

The mark of Christmas, the culmination of Advent, is the willingness to be giving and caring seems to grow stronger. People are more pleasant, in many ways, to deal with. In darkness, we grow closer together.

The legacy of Christ is more common around this time of year. To love each other and give to others. Something we seem to forget about year round. Until Christmas time. In the darkness, we begin to shine brighter. Love overflows much easier to those around, as we come through the solstice and prepare for the return of the days. Night reigns supreme, throughout nature, during this time of the year. And we celebrate the returning of longer days and warmer temperatures during the solstice. Advent reminds us that we wait on and in God, and that He has come, while also reminding us that He is coming back. We are likened to a date with Him. It looks to the world like He stood us up, but we know better. So we wait. And in the meantime we hold to the hope and promise of His return.

Let’s stretch this Christmas thing a bit. Let’s make it last? How much would the world change if each of us demonstrated Christmas time Kindness and Love every day, away from the season?

-The Christian Mystic

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