Fishes in a Stream

Altogether too often, you hear Christians refusing to acknowledge the faith of another as valid simply because of a minor disagreement. Or because of different denominations. But fish do not look upon other fish and declare them to be other than a fish. Nor do trees look upon different trees and declare them to be other than a tree.

A Christian is one who follows Christ’s teachings. Even when it isn’t convenient for them. Unfortunately too many also want safety and security. Things that were not promised by Jesus. In fact, quite frankly, He promised exactly the opposite. When I see someone calling for persecution or war towards a group of people, it is safe to say they follow the god Mars. Not Christ.

This makes them Martians. šŸ˜‰

But. All that said. There are followers of Christ within every denomination and people group of the world. Within every religion as well. All of us with our own unique perspectives and understandings. Some of us look different than other fish. Some are absolutely convinced that they’re still in their own pond and all other ponds are in error. Even as they are swimming alongside other types of fish and hanging in the stream of Life.

All of life flows together, no matter how many contradictions this poses in our minds. And a river runs through it. Whether we fight the current or not, we are all in this together. Swimming back to the source, or beaching ourselves to get away from the others. The choice is ours.

-The Christian Mystic

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