Rethinking some things

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been busy, rethinking some things. Tending to the tree that is my faith as it grows up,blossoming out of the scriptures and called ever so much higher by the Spirit of the Divine One.

It’s funny what Papa uses to speak to us. Turns out He uses unbelievers as well as believers. People full of Hate and people full of Love. People who mix the two, and call hate love, and love hate.

I had a Pentecostal preacher try to convince me he just seeks for the old ways of walking with the Lord, as Israel was told in Jeremiah to do, and somehow this led him to this baby tradition, this less than three hundred year old thing, he calls old. The book of Jeremiah was vastly older. If memory serves, it was written almost 2500 years ago, give or take, and Jeremiah wasn’t looking forward, not anymore. He was looking backwards.

In keeping with the need for authenticity, and seeking to be one who willingly serves God, I nodded and assented that I should indeed begin seeking out the old ways. And mentioned the Essenes and Nazarites. These paths are far older and are greater known for following God than these Pentecostals and their form of witchcraft. Bear with me, guys, as I begin my searching of the scriptures and of Messianic Judaism.

-The Christian Mystic

One thought on “Rethinking some things

  1. Interesting what you find in Messianic Judaism. We came out of the church about 8 years ago to follow Torah. I look to blend the Torah study with a more mystical path.

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