Finding a Strange Balance

I went to meditate a while, and no sooner did I start, without setting my intention, I found something strange. Balance. For a long time, I’ve heard the church say things like: light and dark don’t mix and can’t be balanced. But there I was. Quietly in awe of the balance within. Light, and dark. And a bit of both in each.

Chinese Dualism touches on this. And it seems to me they have discerned the truth that we have been scared to even touch for a long time. We cling to being told there’s no light in darkness and no darkness in light, but so long as they are separated, one can’t exist without the other. The Bible tells us that our God is a marvelous light that swells within a thick darkness. Darkness isn’t inherently evil. Nor is Light inherently good. Proof? Well, if God dwells in darkness, does God dwell in evil? And then.. Lucifer, who Christians will state without apology is evil, is told to appear as an angel of light.

What if balance really is important? Moreso than we’ve been told in the faith of the church we grew up in? Gregory of Nyssa certainly thought so. He had a mysticism of Darkness, of passing through the Darkness into the light to reach the Holy Mountain where we learn to be like God.

Just some thoughts I’ve had in the past week.


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