The Beginning

Why not start there?

A typical thing most of us growing up in religious circles have heard is that we are all just sinners, saved by grace. That there’s no chance, no goodness, nothing that starts us off better than that. I’ve often heard people harp on about “original sin” but that just displays the same ignorance I held for years. Because there is nothing original about it. The term for sin, means simply, to miss the mark, and in scriptures, has always been used in a way to show a mistaken identity. Hamartia. A false identity. See, we have to start at the beginning of the story, otherwise we will miss the whole trajectory of the story. Before there can be a false or mistaken identity, there must be an original one.

“Let us make man in our image..”

Imago Dei. The original identity of mankind is the Image of God. Original Blessing, covered up by the mistaken identity of Sin.

Sin has NEVER been a problem of law based infractions and transactions. It has always been a disease of the soul, a cover up of identity. A stain that washes away from Imago Dei by way of blood, which doesn’t change Gods mind, but our own. It changes our own perception of who God is, cleansing our own consciences, but never once changes Him.

The beginning of the story shows an entirely different trajectory of scriptures than we have often been told in church.

What if Jesus restored us all back to the beginning of the story, to let mankind start over?

– The Christian Mystic

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