The Florida Shooting

I have tried to not comment on this topic specifically. I’ve tried to ignore it outright. It is with great sadness I come to it now. I’m not in denial of the tragedy. It most certainly was a tragedy.

I see so called Christians everywhere, chiming in with their two cents on the topic. Making their opinions known. Proclaiming the need for retribution and violence, as if more violence will solve the issue of violence.

This is what we have become. A people like the ancient Israelites. A people prostituting themselves out to the way of Empire, demanding an eye for an eye, a death for death. But as we cry out in our anger for retribution, a voice rings out through the bounds of eternity, from that ugly place of Golgotha, rippling across time, saying: Father, forgive them! They know not what they do.

How quickly we abandon the teachings of the Man we claim to follow. How quickly we turn ourselves back into the whore of the Empire. How dare we, the Bride of Christ, call out in this ugly manner, from our defiled bedside. When did Christ call us to be Judge, Jury, and Executioner, for the Empire we have abandoned Him to sleep with? What happened to being a people of Forgiveness? I say to you, if you do not forgive, neither will you be forgiven.

We cry out for the death penalty, so quick to forget that God holds all sin equal in his eyes, telling us that if we are guilty of breaking even ONE point of the law, we have become guilty of breaking the whole. Bride of Christ, Let any among you who have never sinned perform the execution you claim needs to happen.

I choose instead, and I ask that you would as well, forgiveness, love, mercy, compassion. Let us leave behind us again these horrible things we turn to so often.

Why cannot we learn this lesson?

~The Christian Mystic

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