To be Christian?

In today’s world, with the noncommital versions of Religion leading the way, people are allowed to feel better about themselves with little change or no inward transformation. I’ve seen Wiccans, Buddhists, and Christians, all hypocrites who are not true to their faith. Having studied out these three, personally, I see that they each teach non-violence, and being at peace with others, and being involved with caring for the natural world while seeking to commune with the spiritual powers they live surrounded by. Naturally, this looks different for each of these. However. The Way of Peace, Love, and Forgiveness, the most profound and yet radically absurd teachings of Christianity, is the one I find the most depth to, and have chosen to be part of. So that is the one I will speak to today.

Modern Christianity has become little more than a cotton candy, mass production spiritual commodity.  We confess Jesus is Lord, but we don’t act like it at all. We confess He was a great teacher. We love His sermon on the Mount, and His Olivet Discourse, but we conveniently ignore the teachings within them that we deem impossible. Loving our Enemies. Blessing those who curse us. Turning the other cheek. Do not resist an evil man.

In this day and age, we don’t simply and conveniently ignore these things. Instead, we make excuses for it. We say things like: “Well, Paul, I live in the real world where those things don’t work.” Or better yet: “Well Paul, I have to live in reality instead of a fantasy world.”  So let me get this straight.. Christ didn’t live in the real world? If you’re gonna ignore the teachings of Christ and make excuses to not follow Him on these things, then you’re not a Christian. You’ve got something I, Like Zahnd, call Easy Cheesy Cotton Candy Christianity. You’ve got a feel good religion where you can assuage your guilt by putting money in the offering plate to give away, because giving does feel good.. But it never lasts because there is no actual change.

I get it. I do. You’re afraid. I was too. I spent years participating in religions that would allow me to not change, to feel better about myself. Christianity was one of them.

I now identify as a follower of the Way. The teachings of Christ, through the Grace of God, are to be my way of living. I need no other reason than Christ taught it, to live it. A Disciple lives the teachings of the Master for no other reason than that. They don’t make excuses for the things they don’t want to live out. They simply abide by the way of life that was imparted by the master. I’d like to invite you all, to join me in this. I see people all throughout my generation that are fed up with the nonsense, the garbage, the hypocrisy.. All seeking something authentic and real. I have found it, right there in front of my nose, when I stopped listening to the excuses I hear so many make.

~The Christian Mystic

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