A License to Sin

The famous accusation, where people rail against the people who preach Grace, or Hyper Grace. Usually Fundamentalists, no matter the variety or theological bent. Supposedly we are all claiming that grace is a ticket to do whatever we want and get away with it.. I was contemplating today, and it hit me upside the back of the head: The fundamentalists, no matter the variety, are doing exactly what they are accusing myself and others of doing. Giving out a license to sin, and be justified in it.

Let me explain. We’ve all heard it, I’m sure: “Well, we’re all sinners, struggling with our sinful flesh, until we die and then we will be perfect. Until then, We have grace to get us through it.”  I’ve heard this in so many different forms that I refuse to post them all here. That said, I’m gonna dissect this here and show you each and every problem in it.

“We’re all sinners…” So Christ was lying upon the cross when He declared it is finished? And Paul was lying when He penned every single epistle in the NT, where he told us we have died in Christ to the Law, and to Sin, and are brought to life by the Spirit of Christ in us? What about Christ is light and in Him there is no darkness, and we are in Him and He in us? Is Christ infected with Sin, or do the scriptures tell us the truth, that Sin was cursed to death on the cross?

“struggling with our sinful flesh..” Right. We are struggling with the dead then, cause according to the scriptures, our sinfulness died at the cross..

“..until we die and then we will be perfect..” Oh, so Jesus isn’t your Messiah, but rather Death is your blessed hope and Savior?

“Until then, we have grace to get us through it.” Oh look.. A License to Sin.

Church, Body of Christ, Bride of Christ. Shut up. Enough is beyond enough. You fling accusations and condemnations, all completely laced up in your own hypocrisy. You give the license to sin. True Grace, or Hyper Grace, takes that license away and burns it up. Grace takes away all excuses for sin. You’re all so afraid of Grace because it doesn’t submit to the law, or the traditions y’all like so much, and in your fear, you hide from the truth. You cower behind the precepts and context of the old covenant in order to attack the Covenant of Grace that God has made with Christ, that we are ALL included in. The scriptures tell us this: “For God has not given you a spirit of Fear.” Stop being so afraid. Simply allow Christ in you to give you the belief of the Gospel.

You died at the cross and were given your second birth when you came out of the tomb with Him. You ascended with Him, in Him, and are seated in heavenly places in Him, at the right hand of the Father. Too good to be true? That’s the Gospel.

~The Christian Mystic

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