The Gospel

So often, I hear things like, “Jesus paid our sin debt and then offered it to us in the form of salvation as a gift…”

No scripture supports that. Not in the slightest. In fact, quite the opposite. He took our wages from Sin and broke it’s power over us, cleansing the whole of creation, so that we would be seated at the table of Divine Union with the Godhead. He saved the world. He was successful. He didn’t fail. He didn’t partially fulfill the will of His Father. He forgave all. Repentance, Confession, Sanctification, Justification, all of it. These are the natural fruits of accepting His forgiveness. Just cause someone rejects the Reality of God’s works in Jesus, the Messiah, doesn’t change the fact that it’s true nonetheless.  Their rejection of Him means one thing: They have chosen to dismiss His party table like the older brother in the Parable of the Prodigal Son. Guess where we find the Father in that parable..?

The Father in that parable was standing outside in the darkness, pleading with his older son, to come back to the party. The brother was mad cause his father never threw him a party. What did  the father say in this case? “You could have had a party at any time.. All of this was your inheritance to go with anyways.”

Dude. That’s deep. And that right there is the picture of God pleading with the church world today. So many want to be unhappy because a few have learned to be full of Joy all the time, and they are partying in the Spirit and bringing others to Christ in the process, and they’re grumpily saying: We don’t live by how we feel!!

You’re right, my brothers and sisters. We don’t live by how we feel. The Truth changes how we feel, and what we feel. Our Lover, Jesus, gives us the fruits of the Spirit. These things change our feelings in every way. Going deeper, and wider, than we could ever possibly guess. The moral of this telling, is simple: Don’t spend so much time working that you leave off time to play. God wants us to have time off to be with our families and friends, to have fellowship together at His divine table.

~The Christian Mystic


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