Transcendent Beauty

Oh, you beautiful, wrinkle-free, spotless Bride of Christ.. How long will you hide your face in shame? Your Husband longs for you, and thirsts for you. There can be no shame for you unless you take it upon yourself, for there can be no shame on Christ, who has perfectly set you free.

You transcend this world in Him, so why not live it out? He has called us to set our minds on things above and not on things beneath. He lives in you, and has redeemed you from the world, desiring that you would become so pregnant with His presence that everywhere you go, more believers would be birthed to Him.

Oh the glory of His presence! Why would anyone choose NOT to rest in this place of Love, Grace, Mercy… Body of Christ, drink up! This wine of our wedding to Christ is still fresh, new, and intoxicating. This wine is the Holy Spirit who dwells already in your bellies! He is the living water and consuming fire of God. He is your very breath and life! Trust, and rest. Taste and see that the Lord is Good. This is an understatement! He is absolutely intoxicating, and already Love-drunk for you.


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