God is Love, but God is Just: or is He?

God is Love, but God is also Just, this saith most IFBs out there who insist on KJV only. 

They act as though God cannot be one without the other, and that God is both of them equally. 

From a Grammatical standpoint, I’m going to show you the error of this pithy one liner that is so often used to attack other believers. 

I’ve said before, Love is God’s nature, His essence. Being Just is an attribute or a way of acting that is spawned out of His love, yet is trumped by His Mercy.  People seek a God that is equally Love and Just. You won’t find one in Christ. It’s simply not possible. 

To Say God is Just is to say that God is Loving. Not to say that God is Love. To claim a God equally Just as He is Love would be to say God is Justice, which you’ll find nowhere in the scriptures. 

If you want a balanced out God, you will discover that John claims there isn’t one. That would require darkness as well. But this is that message which we have learned of Christ, that God is Light, and in Him is no darkness. 

To claim God would be immoral to let sin into Heaven is to say Satan has no sin since God let’s him in. 

It would not be Just to destroy one man, by way of child sacrifice, in order to save many. That’s not just. At the cross Justice was not served in any way, as Christ was the only completely innocent and Just man to walk the face of the earth. 

God is Just, but his Justness falls in line with His nature, which is Love. It is less than His nature. Jesus revealed to us who God is, when He cried out forgiveness for the people who were killing Him. Love, not Justice does that. The cross is no picture of justice. Justice cannot be served when an innocent man is murdered. It is a picture of two things: the violence and wrath of mankind, by way of the marriage of politics and religion, and the Love of God poured out in His forgiveness. 

Nothing Just about it. 

– Paul

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