A More Christlike God

Today, on Facebook, I did something harsh. I asked easy questions. Three of them to be specific. This post is going to be my finale to this. I’ll share the questions, and then give my own answers.

  1. Is killing babies immoral and evil?
  2. Is rape immoral and evil?
  3. Is genocide immoral and evil?

The first one, made a little bit of a stir, but overall, it got the yes answer.

The second one is where I got the most kick. From a single individual ironically. Most people were willing to answer with a simple yes. Because as we all know, rape IS immoral and evil. However, I did have an individual who was bent on not answering the question. In the process of not answering the question, he declared that I was a threat to society. He decided to take a passage in a letter to Corinth out of context to make a point and state that Jesus was the one talking. Just to clarify for those who don’t read the Bible, Jesus was NOT the one speaking there, but rather the Apostle Paul. However, when I kept pushing for either a yes or a no, I got sarcasm in response and stubborn refusal to answer, while moving back to ad hominem attacks.

The third one, has been a unanimous yes at present.

The Old Testament is filled with things like these. If found in the Quran we would use these very passages that condone these things to prove why that religion is wrong. However, they are found within the covers of the Bible. However. When we turn to the teachings of the NT, we discover a very different idea regarding God the Father.

We see that  Jesus is the perfect image of the invisible God. We see that He heals people. We see that He stays out of this worlds politics and has His own for His Kingdom. We are outright told that No one had ever before seen God, in spite of the countless people who claim to have seen God in the OT. And then at the cross, we see that God isn’t violent, angry, or retributive, but that His actions are ALWAYS forgiveness, Love, and Restoration.

Jesus didn’t demonstrate the notions to kill people. He said to turn the other cheek. His sermon on the Mount is a way of life that doesn’t allow for this worlds politics, or the embracing of War and Violence. Narrow is the path that leads to life, and few find it! Broad is the gate that leads to destruction and many travel it. Right before saying these things, in the same paragraph, He states that we ought to do to others as we would have them do to us, for in doing so, we fulfill the law and the prophets.

Jesus, faced with mortal violence upon Himself, followed the Sermon on the Mount, His teachings. It led Him to the cross and still He did not resist the evil that was going to befall Him. Instead, from a place of pain and agony, He cries out: Father! Forgive them, for they know not what they do! and I imagine the Father saying: Of Course Son! That’s who We are and what We do!

Jesus came to change our minds about God and about the way we think of God. It’s time we begin to see and accept that we need a more Christlike God than we have served in this world.

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