Sometimes we need Separation

Sometimes a Christian needs to pull back and withdraw from his local church body for a time. Sometimes we need to come away and get ourselves reoriented towards God alone. Sometimes He pulls us away to begin a season of preparation to hear Him better, so that He can send you into your next season of life. 

I’m not advocating forsaking your fellowship of believers. I’m advocating a healthy time away from people in the presence of the Lord. We can’t expect to ignore those necessary times and still hear clearly His voice. 

There are some signs that this period of time is coming, one being that you’re having more and more trouble being with the local church body. And the more you try to push through it, the worse off you’re gonna be. If that fails, God will allow things to start getting worse. And by that I mean He won’t protect you from the consequences of ignoring His call to withdraw yourself. He won’t apply the consequences, but at that point you’ve strayed outside of His hand. 

It’s not wrong to have issues with being around the local church body, when you’re being called to withdraw for a time of solitude. But don’t make it about them.  Look in the mirror and recognize that this is about you. 

I’ve lived in places where I have been entirely withdrawn from the local church. And God used those times to teach me new to me things. Why? Because I wasn’t trying to hear above the noise of the others around me, and their opinions on what I should do or where I should go. I placed myself into a place, alone, where I could learn from my Father. Every relationship should have alone time and vacation times of intense alone time together. 

Just things to think about guys, as you struggle with church, needs, and personal issues. 


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