Come out of the Alleys and Dark Places

Tonight I had an interesting experience. I had a fragment of an image mixed with words. In church we were singing a song, novel concept right? Haha. Anyways. The bridge of this particular song expresses that God has no equal, that Jesus reigns, and He is our sovereign, our King.  If He indeed reigns now, then we too, ought to reign. We are the church. The proper word, Ecclesia, means many things, most well known being “called out ones.”

We’ve been called out of the dark alleys of the kingdom of Hell. We’ve been imbued with the kingdom of Heaven. We have been told that the gates of Hell shall not prevail against us. 
I saw a kingdom, where the Devil reigns, and we Christians hide out in the darkest parts and alleys of the kingdom. We put baskets over our heads, and we hide our light. 

But we have been called out of that place! Our God reigns! We are His vessels, the embodiments of His Kingdom here on earth. The Ecclesia is the council that leads by example and decisions. The kingdom of Darkness stands in direct opposition to the Kingdom of Heaven with us. We are not supposed to sit there and let them trample us. When you begin to see your Right Standing with God, in Christ, you’ll stand against Hell and stomp on its works all the time. 

Why should we be basket covered Christians? Light is never drowned out by darkness. Darkness cannot withstand the presence of the Light. Why do we live in fear, allowing the Devil to be our focus? “Oh, we have to do warfare against him!” No. No we don’t. We are called to simply submit to God, which resists the Devil naturally. That’s all of spiritual warfare. 

It is time, Body of Christ. The Light has come, and shines through us. 

It is time, Bride of Christ. We have the authority of His Name to challenge the darkness. We get the privilege of stomping out the works of Hell for a living. 

Love Him. Love people. It’s that easy. Just love people and let Him move. You WILL see healings. You WILL prophesy. You WILL walk in the Spirit and see the signs and wonders as shown in the book of Acts, and promised us by Jesus. 

Come on guys. This is real. This is our purpose. Get the fire going and go pray for people. Publically. Specifically. 

Get in Secret and Know Him.

Get out of the alleys, dark places, and wilderness. Wherever you go, set up shop as the man or woman of God who the Holy Spirit is gonna use to visit people and recreate them in His image. God wants to use us all to go be reproducing disciples who long to be like Him. 
Come on out guys. Light up the world! 

If our King Reigns in us, then the king of this present world cannot prevail against us. 

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