The Authority of His name

Too many times we as Christians go to God in the midst of the trials, and seek for Him to do something about the trial. What if when we are asking Him what He will do in our trials, He stops to ask us the very same thing?

We have the authority of His name, and the promise that anything we pray in His name is granted to us.. with one condition: If we will believe.  On top of that, we get to use the Authority of His name in all our circumstances, to overcome them, for greater is He that is inside of us, than he who is in the world. The authority of His name, equipped with our belief is the given way to overcome our trials.

So, you want to walk in authority, eh? First things first. Get in relationship with the Father. He gives you a heart that is right with Him, and He believes you can live in Christ. Then remember, you have to speak with full belief. If you doubt, don’t even think that you shall receive of the Lord what you ask for, for a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. Authority and boldness before the throne of grace is keyed by belief. It’s that easy. It isn’t about praying right, or saying the right words, just about what you believe. Christ already made the supply for you to draw on, by going to the cross, but you have to believe to have that access.



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