Deep Calls to Deep

This post is gonna be a smidgeon different from my usual. I generally post my views and understandings of scriptures, supplying them along the way. However. This one is about the call of Jesus to me personally, for relationship.  Everyone gets this call, but I don’t think all know what they are hearing. Sometimes we get altogether too caught up in our dogmatic views and doctrinal statements that we can’t hear Him over them. 

Jesus walked this earth with a depth of relationship with the Father seldom seen in the past couple centuries. But the depth, relationship with the Father as the Son, calls out to each of us, and is the deepest longing we feel and often try to fill, because we don’t know what our heart is crying out for. 

As the saying goes, deep calls to Deep. Jesus is seated at the right hand of the Father, and yet, is also seated in our hearts. 

I’ve often felt the call to the depth of relationship from the depths of myself, but it wasn’t until recently that I found how to get there. Not that people didn’t tell me. Just that they merely told me. Oh, just pray about it. Read your bible. 

Good things for sure. But you have to be open to growth in the Spirit. 

I was driven to the occult seeking something more, because Christianity in America just doesn’t cut it. I came back and began to see some differences, and felt God’s touch. I surrendered myself. I began seeking to experience His presence constantly. I argued left and right with people, had to prove to them I was right. But I wasn’t convinced. About three years ago, I finally began to give up arguing with other people on their pages and waited to pounce on them when they came to mine. Now I overall try to have reasonable and edifying discussions. 

A couple months back now, I began to truly understand what it means too experience manifestations of God’s presence when I pray, and had to begin learning to pray by belief and faith only.  

You see, there was nothing I could do to deepen my relationship with God, except to place myself into a place where I began removing things from my life so that I could be with just Him. All the rest is on Him. He does all the work, cause all I can do is be prepared for His touch and changing guidance. 

The depth of relationship we have with God is already present, in Christ. We simply have to be in Him, and let His Words abide in us. Nothing to do. Just be. 

Radical prayer life wanted? Just start praying in Christ. Quit focusing on your sin. He forgave it and forgot it on the cross. Focus on Him alone. He has already made you righteous, holy, perfect, spotless, Sinless.. everything that Jesus is, you are in Him. 


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