Forgive, but don’t forget?

Now that right there, is generally couple with an admonishment to protect oneself and keep in a place where we can’t get hurt because we’re expecting it to happen again. 

You know what this is? It’s a lie. It also gets coupled with being told that you should love people, but you don’t have to like them. 

It’s still a lie. It’s the devil in your mouth, propagating that lie. Sad thing is, I hear it more from Christians than from unbelievers. See, none of the above can be found in the Bible. More importantly, they go against the teachings of Jesus. 

If you choose to hold on to, and expect that it could happen again, you haven’t truly forgiven them. Much like our Father, we are told to forgive and not hold it against them. We are told that Love holds no record of wrongs. Jesus tells us to love everybody. He tells us that we are to forgive endlessly. 

These couplings of words that sound good are no more than sugarcoated lies of the devil, and will not help produce righteousness. 

At best it is unintentional bad theology. 

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