Condemned to Hell?

I was praying and speaking to a friend of mine, and I have to admit I am curious, though I’ll never have the answer..

How many people have been condemned to Hell by the church not walking in the power and love of God? 

Don’t get me wrong. I know there’s always a remnant that want to walk in this. But a remnant is a minority. And in some cases they also miss the mark of how to do this. Not always mind you. 

But overall, the vast majority, have not walked out in the power of God by relationship with Christ in the Spirit in quite a while. I hear so many reasons and excuses for this that go against scriptures, or against half of the scriptures pertaining to such things, while lining up with the other half. 

Then this becomes personal for me. How many people are condemned to go to Hell because of my lousy, poor, anger fueled apathetic attitude towards my life? How many have seen the hypocrisy of a life I led and been completely turned off to the gospel?

When we preach that this new creation we have become is still destined to be plagued by the problems and past of our old life, the old man, we contradict the scriptures. When we preach anything other than holiness, righteousness, or perfection, as the standard, we contradict the scriptures. When we preach that we will always have a sin problem we contradict the scriptures. 

What are we doing? Why are we living from the Old Man in the flesh instead of the New Man in the Spirit? We can’t afford to live like this anymore. The cost is the soul of each and every single person we ever come in contact with. And I for one refuse to pay that price any longer. If we were to burn here and now for God, in the Holy Spirit, then people could see Him in us, and not burn in Hell later! We cannot afford to live like this. 


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