To the Mystics

I understand your pain. I understand your hurt. I get it. I know why you abandoned the church. Let me explain, in a tale, how this happened..

My eyes burst open, and I look around. I’m surrounded by people, of all colors, all variety. I find that I myself am in a pew, with a preacher at the pulpit speaking. I begin to wonder what’s going on, as his eyes are relatively vacant. Unconscious even, I would say. Turning around I look at the elders, ushers, and deacons. The very same eyes grace their faces. Same goes for the members of the church that surrounds you. So, you wonder. The message comes to an end, with very little substance, and church is dismissed. You realize that these people are all asleep, spiritually speaking. You try over and over with scriptures to get their attention, and wake them up spiritually, but it’s like speaking to a brick wall. They won’t hear you. These people, asleep in the light, dominated by Hell, begin to be uncomfortable around you. They turn to the “minor” sins, and begin the lies, and the gossip, or outright shunning you altogether. Finally you begin to see, that they just want to remain comfortable, in spite of the fact that God doesn’t call us to comfort. Finally you get fed up, enough of this, you tell God. And you leave the church. 

He will let you leave the church. It’s not unheard of for Christians to impose solitary confinement on themselves, when the assembly of the brethren rejects them. 

But don’t stay gone. Keep making them uncomfortable.  Help them to see, no matter how uncomfortable they get. 


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