Purposeful Mystics: Mission of the Believers

In a day and age where even the modern church folk, the good, supposedly solid, spirit filled, church folk, are running the show, and seeing sparks and flashes of His power in their life, what is the purpose of those who wake up? We are given dual missions. Many of us see the scope of the problem, get discouraged, and abandon the church altogether. I am ready to do half of that. Abandon the church style faith that so many develop.

I’ve been shown by God my purpose. I’ve been shown my Mission. And in spite of the fact that I dislike my starting point, I’ve also decided not to argue with Him.

I’ve known part of my mission for a few years now. To get the churches to turn to Him together, to work together in the Spirit to stem the tide of the darkness. Now I also understand that I am here to stand in the gap for the believers who are stuck in their doctrinal boxes and to keep watch over the churches, and their supposed guardians.  The mission of this blog, has become more. Here I stand, to equip other believers to see their purpose. Especially those like myself, sent to the church.  To equip others to make Ekklesia in their life, and in their church. God will work in our structure, but we have to let Him work.

Let our sins no longer include creating the bondage of Christ. Binding our Father who won’t force us to do anything, but wants to show us a better way than binding Him with our traditions.

Let us all recognize and realize the value we have, as dictated by the price He paid for our sins. Let us begin to truly see, to wake up and to usher the waking up of others. We who were lost, are found. We who were blind, see. There is no middle ground.

We have created the middle ground, as we have to explain why people still have these problems, with sin and addiction. But our explanations fall short of the gospel, and we are called. We must walk worthy of the Calling. Time to wake up, Body of Christ, for WE are the light. We cannot continue to hold Jesus back. He lives in us, and wants to SHINE IN US, that our whole world could be lit by Him.  Is the way you are living worth the price that He paid?

Mystics, any who read my blog, join me in this! I’ll do it on my own, for I have all I need in Christ to do this, but I would rather not do this alone. I know there are others doing this, Both Dan Mohlers, Todd White.. These guys have been doing it for a while. But we must keep preparing. There are people out there depending on us to walk like Jesus.. People are dying and going to Hell every day! These people we could reach if we didn’t spend so much time as sin conscious, confessing Christians. To quote Todd, as Basket headed Christians. Why do we hide this thing? Why don’t we allow God to do His work, and let us shine with everything that we are?


The Christian Mystic

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