Who Am I?

All the yogis, masters, enlightened ones, buddhas, of the Eastern Religions, philosophies, and lines of thought, tend to look at this question when they reach a certain point. Many come up with answers that vary from each other. Naturally, as no two people are the same. But what about Christians? Many Christians I know skip this process. They don’t take the time to learn their identity. They remain sin conscious, instead of becoming the righteousness that God has promised to work in them.

And maybe I’m seeing this from a perspective that doesn’t think this should be any different just because we are Christians. Christianity is ALSO an Eastern Religion in itself. Christianity in this modern day, seems bent on keeping Christians from maturity. Yes. I said it. And here is why I believe this is the case.

Supposed mature Christians that gossip. That slander. That go on character attacks and name calling. Christians with the respect of the church regardless of their attitude or actions. Pastors who preach spiritual cotton candy instead of giving the meat of the word.  Christians who ostracize and shun those who abandon church based Christianity just because they don’t agree with the decision.

This is a few of the examples I have found in the past year. It grieves my heart that these people can justify this behaviour, which goes directly against the core of the message of Jesus. But at the same time, I understand it. I’ve been there. I’ve been the guy who would act in a manner that wasn’t scriptural for decisions such as the above.  But, I have no desire to go back.

I’d like to define what mature Christianity is: One which knows who they are in Christ, and lives from that place.

This brings back to my journey into the Mystic traditions of the East. Many meditate, and contemplate, the question: Who am I? For those of us who follow Jesus, the answer can be found in the NT.. All through it. We are told that we have been given the Mind of Christ. We are told that it is no longer us who live, but Christ in us. So that covers our mind, and our identity. But how many of us live from that place?

The simplest solution, is to learn to listen to the Spirit, and let Him tell you who you are, through the renewing of your mind. Now, there are many ways to do that. Some through studying the Bible, and choosing to believe that what it says within it is true. Others choose to meditate on what the scriptures say about them. Some choose the journey of the spirit, into the inner labyrinth of our soul. Regardless of the path that the Spirit leads you on, if you wish to be a mature Christian, you must take the journey that is consistently referred to as dying to self. The moment you reach a place where you are content in your walk with God, you will begin stagnating. The life of Christ in you, should be one of constant growth.

Communion with the Trinity in you, is why you are here. This relationship will bring power for the example to show others how to be in communion with God, and then let the kingdom of God spread by example. It is written, that the Kingdom of God is not in word, but in Power. This power from the Holy Spirit flows from a constant communion with God.

Now, some feel that the power of the gifts of the Holy Spirit are no longer for today. That is their right to believe such, but the scriptures put them there for all time, until the end of the age. It is our job to walk in a holy way. It is written, Be Holy, for He is Holy. That is in the Old and New Testaments.. Probably important. It is written: Be Perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect. From the lips of Jesus Christ. So how can we walk in that perfection? Walk in love, as the fulfillment of the law is Love. If you dwell in love, and walk in the spirit, you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh. Which means you will not sin.  It’s not that you will have no sin, it is that you will no longer be subject to its power. You won’t sin anymore, but you will still have some sin from your past. God washes it all away and makes you a brand new individual. One that is as though Adam and Eve had never eaten from the tree that God said not to.



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