Lent: Week 1

I gave up all secular reading material for my first Lenten Fast. In all honesty, I was skeptical. I have never participated in any of the Liturgical traditions before now.

However, the change was almost instantaneous, probably due to my deliberate placement of myself into readiness for learning. I have learned much this first week.

The running theme of my learning so far has been that while Jesus is the only way to God, there are many ways in which to follow Jesus. In fact, as many ways to follow Him as there are Followers of Christ. I’m learning to be at peace with people having a different path of following Him than I do. Even as I learn this, I see others who desire that I don’t learn it, and who go on the same tired character assaults that I am becoming more and more familiar with. Let them come. The more they touch me, the more they squeeze me, the less of me there will be, and that leaves more room for Christ in me.

The scriptures are meant to show us a myriad of ways to follow Christ, as well as point us to Him. Our lives aren’t meant to be the scriptures, but we are meant to become His Words about us. The scriptures don’t tell us everything about Him, but they do reveal Him to us with a starting point. The rest is a mystery that we learn by entering into this wondrous relationship.
Our lives are our own, and our relationships with Him is not going to be found within the scriptures, but they will line up with it on their own.
We test everything against the scriptures to ensure our own walk doesn’t go against them, simply to keep to that which is good.

I’ve begun to understand more about Christianity, and have learned that while Christ is the only way to the Father, there are many ways in which to follow Christ that are right.

For instance: look at the denominational division we have in this present world. Are they all invalid, or are they all right in their own way?

So much to dwell upon and so little time. This is a summary of how my first week of Lent went.


One thought on “Lent: Week 1

  1. Surrender
    I always find lent difficult and challenging. Its not until it’s over that I can look back and reflect on what I’ve learnt or been shown.

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