This Interesting Transformation

As some of my readers have likely discerned from my writings of late, I have abandoned church style Christianity in an effort to retain my sanity, only to discover that church style Christianity was a fraud to begin with. Christ doesn’t tell us to gather together and sing songs, hear a message, and submit to the church authority. What He does tell us is to work out our own Salvation, to break bread together, and to be Holy, and Perfect.

However, these are not the purpose of this blog post. This post is to update on where I’m at since the leaving of  said church.

I’m beginning to understand the Mystics of Christianity better, and i’m learning where things get taken too far through the testing of everything against the scriptures. At the same time, I’m seeing where not only the mystics over-complicate things, but where the brothers who aren’t mystics wish to complicate things as well. It’s frustrating.

However, I’m learning that much I’ve been taught was wrong, and yet right to an extent. As I pray, and meditate, and continue to seek God through contemplation, I see more and more of the eternal truths found within the scriptures can be found elsewhere as well. Usually in words as simple as found within the scriptures.

Such as the cloud of unknowing. Many associate this with an altered state in which you become an airhead with no grounding whatsoever. Personally my studies on the subject had not led me to this cloud yet, and thus I had refrained from worrying about it. However, the cloud of unknowing is about letting go of all you are, and all you think you know, to commune with the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  Often times the radical experience leaves us with an entirely different understanding than those around us, who choose to complicate things instead of making it simple. The gospel was always meant to be simple, so that a child could understand it. The scriptures are made to renew our minds by the power of the Spirit, another way of saying learning to not know things the way we already do. Much simpler if we allow ourselves to be part of the process of letting go and partnering with the Holy Spirit, like we were created to do in the first place, instead of leaving the whole part to God. He desires to partner with us.


Regardless of all of this, whether or not you agree with my path, it is my own. Just as your path is your own. Simply defaulting to  the claims of older and wiser, or calling someone arrogant or that they have a satanic attitude, is no way to deal with it. And honestly, that turns me off to whether or not you listen to the Holy Spirit. It is merely your pride allowing you to continue in doing this. Yes, I have my issues, but when you spend so much time declaring your opinion of my issues, you ignore your own. To you I gently remind you to remove the plank out of your eye before attempting to deal with the speck in mine.



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