How it Hurts

Not many sane people will define pain as a good thing, but then, I make no claim to sanity. 

Burned by the heavyweight system of church authority – nah, that fire wasn’t half as hot as Gods wrath, so I’m pretty safe in His arms. He has delivered me and leads me through the valley of the shadow of death. 

I fear no evil. For my Father is with me. 

Yes. I was burned by it, and it made my blaze even hotter. The pain I have gone through, that which was meant for evil, God has turned to good. He has used my stand to keep some of the wandering people closer to Himself. Those who see His strength in what I chose when faced with trials and despair. I cannot complain, when I hurt for people, as my Father does all the time. 

May I continue to be used by God, in ways that I may never understand. May I be used to confound the wise and any who think they know better. I will continue allowing God to send me in the Spirit Wind. 

Yes. I got burned by the events of the past several days. Yes, I have become separated from the localized church because of it. However, I will not forsake the assembly of the body of Christ. The scriptures don’t tell us to bind ourselves to any specific place for church. We are all of one body.

Will I ever darken the doors of the place that has caused so much turmoil again? I dunno. I have my doubts. It depends on if God sends me back. But for now, it is time to seek a place of healing for myself and my family. Being a wounded minister allows me to do much, but the time for that is over for now, for me. 

– Calanon

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