Wait, what? 

You’re gonna do what? 

Yep. That’s the question. I’m going to become a monk. I’m putting together an application to the Company of Jesus Celtic chapter. I’m going to study the Anglican Monastic tradition. And I’m going to become a liscensed preacher. And I’m going to be a prayer intercessor. 

What does this mean?

Well, quite simply, it is time to pick up the gems of worship within the treasury of the liturgical traditions. I have learned the styles of worship within the baptist and pentacostalish traditions. 

Denominational division is manmade and has no place in the kingdom of God. However, God allows for them because He knows how we are. The same reason He allowed for divorce. Within each, He also placed a gem of worship. Each of the denominations have a different style of worship, and are based off of a single piece of how we should worship. The battle plan, for me, is to learn from each tradition. Knowing that this puts a target on my back from most members of most denominations. Heavens. Even my need to keep everything to the scriptures and keep tradition in its place, below the teachings of Christ, has had me catching heat from my own denominational affiliations. 

This has brought me to the place where I know I’m moving in the right direction. Jesus said to leave everything to follow Him. Everything includes religious structure and traditions that in many places are used to bind people together. He teaches us using the traditions, but nowhere does it say that we are to live within traditions. We can be tradition rich, without being tradition bound. Anything that supersedes our freedom given in Christ is not a good thing. Anything that adds conditions to your following Him and preaching the gospel or teaching others about Him is Not a good thing. 

Any preacher that preaches from the pulpit things that aren’t within the Bible, or things that are based off of a poor exegesis of the scriptures that support only the point being made when taken out of context? That man needs to take a seat and get right. He can do this and still preach. But he has to decide to actually allow the Spirit to commune with him and show him what’s wrong. 

However, we all get it wrong sometimes. Even when we are listening to the Holy Spirit. God is working through our filters, and even when He delivers it personally, we still get it wrong periodically. We can interpret it incorrectly simply because we aren’t perfect. 

So when I tear apart everything you say, and thrust it against the scriptures to see what sticks? Don’t get mad. The scriptures themselves tell us to do that. If your message can’t stand up to the rigorous testing of the scriptures, then your message needs to be thrown out the window.  If I can’t test your messages and do what the scriptures tell me to do, then you have a pride problem. 

My final authority on everything is the scriptures. 

I’m being led to study and understand the scriptures more and on a deeper level. 

As I go through my studies, and I become a monk, I will be learning and focusing for a time on the liturgical studies. 

I know this is gonna set more people on edge about me, but at this point, it is not important. If God is for me, who cares who is against me?


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