Prayer In the Spirit

To be in the Spirit is a deliberate thing. Not something that always just happens. The times where it just happens is wonderful. Less work on your part, simply because God allowed you to move straight in. However. It isn’t always so simple. 

More often than not, making the transition to Spirit from Soul is very difficult and requires work. Many christians within charismatic and newer pentacostal churches believe that there’s a formula per se. “Pray for a set period of time, and once you’re past 5 minutes, you’ll be in the Spirit, past the flesh. ” 

It may work, but not for the reasons you’re thinking. It seriously doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of time. The amount of time it takes simply indicates how good you are at making the transition. Not everyone transitions so easily nor so quickly. For others, the first step in prayer is a reorientation of their mind to focus on God, and then bam! They’ve transitioned. Others take longer. It’s not a cut and dry thing, our prayer lives. Nor should they. If your prayer life is cut and dry so that you can set a time on how long it’s gonna take you to really get into prayer, you need to grow some more spiritually. 

Back in the occult, the first step towards mastery of the basics? That’s awareness. My parents always were reassured I was a lazy practitioner. I always wondered why. It’s because I never mastered the basic first step before moving forward. I was good, but I didn’t put in the work. My parents could tell that I was lazy simply because I wasn’t ever aware enough to master the basics. 

The same follows in Christianity. The witches got it right here. To become a functional part of the war in the Spirit, you have to become aware. Awareness of God and His presence in and around you, is key to all of this. To transition, i try to really focus on my awareness that God truly is right there with me at all times. Opening up to that, using discernment, is a good place to start, guys. 

I hope this has been helpful for anyone looking to understand how to pray. 

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