Scripture Police

Been asked if I’m the scripture police. By a pastor. 

The fact that he had to ask me that alone tells me he didn’t care that he couldn’t back up his beliefs with scriptures. 

However, lets dice this thing up. It is the privilege and responsibility of every Christian to know the scriptures and what is contained within them. And it is the authority that every Christian must come to when told something that sounds off. Not only that, but the scriptures tell us that God wants us to test everything we are told or discover against the scriptures. The final authority of anything within Christianity is the scriptures. Not a pastor. Not a certain way of doing things. 

The scriptures also tell us to be ready to give a defense for our beliefs. In other words, instead of leaning into the weeds and saying that it’s a heart issue, give a real answer. That ones a cop out. Furthermore, we are called to stand firm. 

Over and over again, I have been told to stop making a mountain out of a mole hill when defending my position scripturally. That’s the devil in your mouth. Especially since the Bible tells us to be ready to give a defense. God gave me this mountain, and upon this mountain there are hills. I will not allow anyone to claim the hills upon my mountain. That would be sin. 

No. I’m not the scripture police. I’m a Nordic Christian. If you attack any part of my mountain, you will be met with scripture. 

I’m glad you understand. And even if you don’t. I’m glad you do. 


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