The Anointing

I see people here, there, and everywhere, who claim to have God’s anointing. Those whom I see on a semi regular basis make me question if it is right for them to make such a claim. The Anointing of the Lord brings people into the kingdom. Why so few people changed? Why so few people actively running after this? 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that they’ve not been touched by God. I’m not saying they don’t read and pray daily. Who am I to say those things? 

I’m looking at what’s going on. In my city. In my circle.  Among those churches around us. When God’s fire falls, we will see the results. A life lived under the King. Make me a disciple, that I too, can be filled with the power of the Spirit, and anointed with Gods touch. 

The only proof of The Baptism of the Holy Ghost is power for service. That takes many forms. But it always brings people to the place of choosing: to choose Jesus, or to choose other than Jesus. 

None of this is about going to church. None of this is about arguing with me or others on Facebook. It’s all about Jesus. Not about playing games. Show me any scriptures that say He played games: I’ll wait. 

Waiting over. I’m assuming you have realized that there aren’t any. Let’s now define what a disciple is, from a historical perspective. 

A disciple is one who doesn’t simply listen to the teachings of a particular person or religious denomination, but eats, drinks, sleeps, lives, and breathes them. So if we are disciples of Christ, then by default, we should look a very much like Him, eh? 

So many claim to follow Him. I’m starting to think that the people will start outreaching when they live   Him. We don’t start with the commission from the gospels, we start with discipleship. And while that’s usually easier with a mentor, the scriptures say that the Holy Ghost is our mentor. So we should be in our Bibles and in the secret place of prayer on a daily and even more constant bases. 

Just my two cents. 

~ Calanon 

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