Liberation: The work of Christ

As I’ve begun to study more about Who Christ Is, and looking at Christian Mysticism, I have taken a whole new look at the passage in John 8.

And the Pharisees brought forth a woman, taken in the act of adultery, and asked Christ what should be done. The Nazarene seemed to ignore them.. Instead of giving answer, He stooped down to write in the dust upon the ground. What He wrote, none know of, save the crowd that had gathered to hear the teachings of this unique individual. The Pharisees continued to ask Him what they should do about the woman. He rose up, and gave answer: Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Then He knelt again, and proceeded to write in the dirt. Slowly, one by one, the accusers dispersed, and when Christ looked up again, only He and the woman remained. “Where are your accusers, does no man condemn thee?” He asks this woman. She responds with : ‘No man, Lord.’ And Jesus said unto her: Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.

When the Pharisees brought her before Jesus, she was a slave to sin, and a captive of the Pharisees who sought self gratification and confirmation of their righteousness by punishing her, and having a reason to accuse Jesus. Our Messiah shot down their attempts to unravel Him and discredit His doctrine. And in one fell swoop, He swept their filthy rags of self righteousness out of the picture and brought freedom, and the Kingdom of God, into the situation. With one act of forgiveness, He liberated this woman. He freed her from those who would punish her, and at the same time, He liberated her from her sin. This is the character of Christ, who is the visible image of the invisible God, which we should strive for. If the things we do don’t bring liberation to the world around us, through the Kingdom of God, then I don’t believe we are doing this right. The mystery has been revealed: It is Christ in us, the Hope of Glory.

Christ lives in us! He is our Best Friend, and the Truth that can come into any and every situation that we touch and get into. We are the body of Christ. This means that we are the physical embodiment of Him in this existence. The work of Christ is liberation and freedom, reconciliation with our Father.  However, too many of today’s christian population can’t seem to understand this. I’ve been there. But the work of condemnation is not for us. Condemnation was the work of Moses, who by God’s own hand, brought us the Law.  We are given the work of Christ. And because He lives in us, we get to partner with Him in liberating the captives. We get to become the very word that we claim to know. We aren’t meant to become confessing Christians, but being Christians. In Acts we are told that we shall BE witnesses after the Holy Ghost comes upon us.  It never says we shall go and do witnessing. We will preach the Gospel of Christ. How did Christ preach? He taught the Kingdom of God, and his teachings were validated by many signs and wonders. But the first thing He always took time for? Prayer. He learned to BE in the secret place with God. We haven’t just been liberated from other people and from sin, but from ourselves as well. So we can just Be.  This place of being in Christ allows us to be just like Him, and that? That is everything. So go forth, and liberate, like Christ did.

Jesus neither condemn nor condones – He liberates. ~ Friar Bob


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