A Parable and a Prophecy: The Reversal of time and history

Mark 12:1-9This is a parable taught by Christ. But it’s more than a parable. It is the very history of Israel summed up quite neatly. The husbandmen working the vineyard are the children of Israel. 

The servants sent by the lord of the land, the landowner, are the prophets. Some were beaten. Some killed, all spoke for the lord of the land, and all rejected. 

The son of the lord of the vineyard is Christ. Whom they killed. 

A quickly summed up history of Israel. It is also a prophecy of the end of the world. Verse nine tells us that the lord of the vineyard will come and destroy the husbandmen and give his vineyard to others. 

It is also a prophecy of how the world is going to be, but in reverse. He died, to provide prophets and preachers and so many more for the gentiles and not just the Israelites. With the death of Christ, the torn veil into the Holy of Holies, time was reversed in motion and of events. 

The prophets rising up in today’s world will continue to come forth and call the church and the world to repentance and awakening. And while there are those of us who long for this, and seek it through Christ with everything we have, there are many many more who will reject it. Most being religious Christians. Theologians. Those who read the Bible with their own understanding. 

God has reversed time, for us! We have the amazing privilege of living in a place of times reversal. We get the Christ and the prophets of now. The Israelites got the prophets of the past and then finally Christ. They looked forward to The Messiah. We look backwards to the cross. It is by Adam that sin entered the world.  And by Jesus we were restored. Jesus came and flipped the world inside out to make people who are like Him, and what are we doing with it?!? “Well I don’t have time–” so what? You have time to text, and time to watch tv. Play online. Facebook. But no time for our Father? Wake up. I don’t care if you have been a Christian for 50 years, or a theologian for 60. Wake up. I don’t car if you’re a pastor or can quote the Bible backwards and sideways. Wake up. 

This thing is so hard, and yet so easy. All we have to do is read our Bible with an open heart, seeking to hear from God, every day. And then spend time on our knees in prayer, seeking His face, every day.  We have a responsibility to the lost around us. That responsibility is to become like Jesus and walk like Jesus for them to see. We have to burn, and let them watch it. How dare we say we know Jesus but not heal people like He did. But not prophesy like He did. But not Pray like He did. But not Study the scriptures like He did. Seriously people. We can be just like Him. It’s past time we got to this. 

It’s time to stop making doctrine that’s not in the Bible. 

That’s all I have to say now. I hope this goes viral and hits churches all over the world. 


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