Barefoot in the Sanctuary: Why I Bare My Feet in Worship

Something that God has been convicting me of lately, suddenly popped up on another blog.

Reluctant Mysticism


Over the past few years, I’ve developed a personal habit during my spiritual disciplines:

I go barefoot.

On the surface, it doesn’t sound cataclysmic at all. It’s pretty simple, really. And that’s part of the core of the practice: simplicity. When I was at seminary last week, I had quite a few people ask me “Why?” after leading a morning prayer service without shoes.

Afterwards I was asked to put my shoes back on for our school’s Opening Night of Worship. It was a more formal setting with more people attending the service. I was the cross bearer (in the front of the processional), and it my feet would have right there in front with me. Could my bare feet have shocked some people? Perhaps. Was it a reason to cover up? I don’t believe so.

So instead of trying to answer the many individual questions as to why I deliberately…

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