Into the Void

Sometimes, we all need to take a step back from the situations and stress of our lives, to  just be. It’s not an easy task for us, because we are so used to doing, in this era of the world. However, we were not made for this 24/7 busyness. In fact, it has in many cases proven to be extremely detrimental to our health. I’m not here to harp upon the need to recall the Sabbath, just to be pointing out that our constant, over-scheduled lives, are killing us. Even when we take time out to give to God, we are more focused on being the doers, instead of just resting in Him.

In many cultures, the void is considered to be the darkness, that which opposes the light. But for us Christians, it is the very essence of our souls. The entirety of the universe came about, being created of void(Genesis 1), mixed with Spirit. The very act of creation was so magnificent, that at the end of each day, God looked about His handiwork and declared it to be good. And then on the seventh day? He rested. It wasn’t rest as we think of rest. It wasn’t physical rest, for He is Spirit. It was rest of the Spirit, in which He looked back over all that He had made and continued His declaration of it’s goodness. He set the example for us. When we reach the end of our week, we should review the work that was done, and observe His work in creation.  We should dwell on God’s work and Word as well, through Contemplative prayer. Meditation in many forms are beautiful ways to reach into the void of our being, to just be. Let everything else fall away to focus on God.


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