Faith of the Mystics

Many believe  that the mystics of all religions are those who are airheads, and lacksadaisical, lacking in direction and steadfastness. Instead I will present a different idea to you. Yes, many of the mystics often seem altogether too happy, and often are even seen as ditzy because of it. However, almost every Mystic I have spoken too has an extremely solid belief in whatever it is they believe.

What I have witnessed by those who spend their time condescending to or about the Mystics, is that they believe these people’s faith to be entirely based out of their feelings. That is far from the reality of things. Looking into the faith of the Mystics is like looking into the Ocean. You can’t fathom the depths of it, but on top, it flows like the waves of the Sea. There are two primary types of faith found within Christianity: The Faith of the Intellectuals, and the Faith of the Mystics.

The Intellectuals lack the understanding of the Mystics, nor do they seek it for themselves. They’re content with their Bible and that is that. Physical world and mental understanding of a faith that was never meant to be for just those things. They allow the knowledge of the Scriptures to stop at their heads, and stay there, never allowing it to reach their hearts. These individuals often spend their time trying to out talk the Mystics, and convince them that their faith isn’t biblical, at the same time, ignoring all the signs of the Bible that suggest a mystical faith is required for Christianity.

The Mystics are a bit more interesting to describe. Some of them have an intellectual understanding of the scriptures, others do not. Many of them rely on the experiencing of God to strengthen their faith. In spite of an ocean depth to it, they need more. That is a truer form of Faith than what the intellectuals bear for themselves, but it is still lacking. The Christian Mystic is one who has learned to ground his faith in Christ, and His words. Meaning this: The Ocean depth faith of the Mystic who studies the scriptures and applies them, is an ocean of Mystical experience mixed with Intellectual knowledge. It goes deeper than most of the mystics who merely rely upon experience, and produces more knowledge than can ever be acquired by an Intellectual Christian about the scriptures.

Such depth is a thing to be admired and sought after in Christ. Some will read this, and blow me off, others will read this, and say I’m wrong. That has no bearing on whether or not I am right. The Bible is a huge book, full of stories of Christian Mystics who knew the scriptures.


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