Fatherhood and Prayer


I’ve been a father for three weeks now.. and I’ve learned that at the worst possible times, the baby will suddenly need my attention. His name is Sean. And this little guy has taught me more about prayer than any sermon I’ve listened to on the subject. The Holy Spirit has given me insight into it. Being a father, is yet another time where a Christian gets to choose to manifest God in all situations, because Adonai is Abba. Just a couple hours ago Sean was sitting in his carrier sleeping, and I’m busy working in the kitchen. Present and within easy distance, but at the same time, busy getting stuff done. My hands are full. And soaked from dishwater. and I have a towel slung over my shoulder. Then Sean wakes, and is fussy fussy. I had to dry the dishes in my hands, and put them away. Then I had to dry my hands and hang the towel. That takes less than 2 minutes. But you know what? Those two minutes had an increase in his volume and requests for attention and food.

This is a mirror of how Christians tend to pray. God is a busy God. He isn’t sitting up on His throne twiddling His thumbs hoping you will choose to pay attention to Him. He is busy working out the way your life is going to play out, writing your story. When you finally cry out to Him, you expect instant results, but sometimes, you have to wait. If he ceases to do what He has been doing just to attend to you, it’s gonna be a mess. And when He comes to be with you, He gives you His undivided attention. Think about it. The God of the universe? All the power that created us?  The King of Glory, whose Son, the Hope of Glory, dwells within us? He focuses on us. Completely. He wants to know what we want. He already knows, but He likes to be asked. But all together too often, we jump straight to wailing and crying and angry at Him for not being there right on the dot when we deign to turn our attention to Him. On the other hand, if you make a daily appointment where you meet with Him, talk to Him, and read His word? You begin to discover breakthrough in your life. You begin to have relationship with Him.

Just something I’ve learned in the past few weeks.


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