The defense of a Christian 

The defense of a Christian is that of scriptures. God has given us many ways to contemplate and deal with attacks directed at us as humans, by humans. 

We are humans. Which means we aren’t perfect. But that’s not a very good excuse. We are called to be Holy, as He is Holy. We are told to pray without ceasing, and to wage war in the Spirit against the powers of darkness of our present world.

However, in an unfortunate turn of events, often times people do forget. More so among the Christians than ought to happen.  

So today, I’m going to cover what to do, and not do, as a Christian, in response to attacks from people. 

First thing to not do? Don’t attack back. You are allowed to defend yourself, at need, but usually you don’t have to. Jesus seldom gave answer in his own defense. However, in Gods permissive will, He will let you choose what to do or not do to deal with these things. Free will being a beautiful thing, and sometimes an ugly thing as well. You can defend yourself, but don’t do so without need. When attacked by another Christian simply keep on and ignore them. 

If they come publically either in life or on social media, deal with it. If they won’t see reason, then you walk away from it. If they keep going while in your face or on your wall, so to speak, then shut it down. 

So now that we’ve covered a huge don’t, lets cover the how to do this. Scriptures. Read them. Know them. Do them. They are the very essence of the armor of God. And they are what builds your shield of Faith. They will provide a sound and solid defense for you. And one thing you can always do, if they persist, is to ask them for scriptures. Sometimes they can provide, sometimes not. But one thing I’ve discovered, is that many times when they do finally provide scriptures, it’s usually not to the topic at hand, but to attack you yet again. At which point you can ignore them in good conscience. 

Now, I’m sure this isn’t true all across the board. But it’s been true often enough to be called a pattern. 

When someone tells me I’m not allowed to do something because I’m not Jesus, I ask them to explain why that prevents me from being allowed to do said thing. And for scriptures to back it up. Because while I’m not Jesus, He lives within me. And according to the Bible, we have been given the mind of Christ. So we can think His thoughts, as long as we continue to heed His word. 

When I am told that scriptures aren’t necessary due to logic proof, I point out what the Bible says about that too. 

When I get told I’m not being Christlike I ask them to provide scriptures to back it up. 

One of the commands in scriptures is to test everything against Gods word. If it doesn’t line up with what God has put in there, then it isn’t of God. At which point you have determined where the attack is truly coming from. 

So to put this in a format:

  • Pray for wisdom and grace
  • Quote the scriptures with context 
  • Ask for their proof backed by scriptures

Like the ancient Vikings, lead in with your shield. When being challenged by a person, leave the sword alone. Shield will do the job just fine. The sword is reserved for taking down the demons. Again, we are called to spiritual warfare against the powers of darkness. And yes, sometimes they use people. It’s a sticky situation. But it doesn’t have to be. 

– Paul

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