The Lie

The modern Christian world has bought into a lie. A big one. A hugely damaging one. 

This lie gives free pass to the church people who hurt others, and condemn the people getting hurt. 

This is a lie straight from the mouth of Lucifer. And the worst part? People have fallen for it. It sounds good. It sounds right. But as I’ve told others in the past, there’s absolutely no scriptures to back it up. There is a way that seems right  to a man, and that is the path of destruction. 

I’ve spoken to, heard of, and lived it, when the church hurts you, walking away. What do you honestly expect when the Body of Christ hurts people and pushes them away? The response is perfectly normal. And you can try to sell me on that lie, but I’ve been one who walked away.  Not because my faith was in people, but because the body of Christ pushed me. 

The decision to walk away was based out of witness to hypocrites being allowed to have their way and their say. It always pushes people away, because no one but fake people want to be around fake people. Those who have been hurt and pushed out? Many paths have been chosen, but one resounding theme happens to appear. Acceptance. 

The church has created more atheists and witches with their actions than Satan has by himself. He uses the people within the church to do this. 

You think I’m wrong? Prove it. 

Let me explain the flow. 

The body of Christ is made up of people. When people get hurt they go away. They become separated from the body of Christ, and gradually, over time, their faith lessens. What we call backsliding. Then they can’t see why they need to continue in prayer. Then the reading of scriptures goes away. Then they come to a point where they need something, but they can’t trust the church to help them in their pain. So they look for a different religion. 

They are responsible for their actions. But. So are the fools who get the free pass for hurting others from the lie that has been bought. The scriptures say to not be a stumbling block to other believers. And that is where everything starts. 

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