English vs Original languages

I give up.I have to break down the most popular argument against the scriptures that has been brought against me. Whether or not we HAVE to go back to the original languages to understand what was said in any passage of scriptures.

Literally the worst argument to make on the subject. How did the Bible come to the English language anyways? Oh. that’s right… translated from the original languages by the best of the best. And then the portions each one translated got passed around to make sure the work was double and triple checked repeatedly. By every single individual.

These men were the foremost scholars of the original languages, and devoted their entire lives to translations and languages. Unlike most of you modern day have to go catch a phrase newbies. People in the modern world are amateurs at translating from those languages, devoting a bare fraction of their life to learning and knowledge of it. Those who translated the Bible to English, on the other hand, were true professionals.

The evidence for it being preserved perfectly in English is as follows: 47 scholars of the languages, focused on those languages, all translating, and all agreeing upon each others translations, is impossible with humans. But with God, all things are possible. The KJV says exactly what God intended for it to say. The Hand of the Holy Ghost rested upon the translation to English from start to finish. God has preserved His word unto all generations. He made it clear for us to understand in English.

A secondary evidence for whether or not we need to use a language other than English to understand it? The Holy Ghost lives within me. Jesus lives within me. Jesus is the Word, which God states in Jeremiah has been inscribed upon my new heart. With the Word living within me, and the Holy Ghost as my Mentor, and God as my Father, I need no other languages. I just have to seek Him for understanding.

It does have its place. that place is found in translating to a new language altogether. But since I’m not translating at all, simply learning for myself, guess what? I don’t need to go back. I can understand what God has for me in English. Because His grace is sufficient for me. He lives within me, and all of the knowledge of His Word is mine, because I am His, and He is mine. Jesus said this: If you abide in me, and my Words abide in you the same bringeth forth much fruit. With Christ in me, the Hope of Glory, the Word of God, everything I ever need to know can be found within Him. Not in languages. God already overcame all the languages. He created the language divide in the first place. Then in Acts He bridged the gap of the languages with the Holy Spirit. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God preserved His word and gave it to us so that we could understand it without wasting time learning other languages. It does not say: Go ye into all the world and learn new languages to preach the gospel. It doesn’t say Go forth and learn the original languages otherwise you won’t understand what I have been saying. It doesn’t even say Go ye into the world and teach Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic.

Instead it says that we will speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gives us utterance, and to just get out there and preach the Gospel of Jesus.

So instead of arguing that I don’t understand the Word of God because I don’t study the original languages? Realize this: Neither do you. In fact, the Word of God’s original language is a language of the Spirit. Not Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic. So keep that in mind before you try to tell me that i’m wrong. For if the Spirit dwells within me, and gives me understanding in English, through HIS language, I dare say that I don’t actually need the others.



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