Don’t turn from scriptures

This message is for all of us, but especially for the pastors among us. Those who preach the Word of God. 

I’m not usually going to blog about politics, and this is no exception. I’m going to touch the subject in that it is what inspired this post, alongside Christians being butt hurt that Cruz didn’t endorse Trump. 

Ted Cruz did the right thing. He declined to publicly endorse Trump. There are many out there who believe he should have. Including some pastors. So in light of this, I decided to point out Gods way of running things. 

Ted Cruz declined to endorse Donald Trump due to malicious statements, insult and slander, towards Mrs. Cruz. 

So before I start quoting the Bible, I’m going to ask a simple question. Would you endorse a man for public office if he did the same to your wife? 

We husbands are to give honor to our wives. We are to respect them. We are to lay down our lives for them, even as Christ gave up his for the Church. In fact, a married mans first responsibility is to God, and second to his wife. Everyone else falls into line after that. That is how God runs the family. I do t care if you disagree with how Cruz has done things this far, but just cause he is a well known person in the party doesn’t mean he has to cater to your desires on how he should act. Had Trump gone and publicly apologized for what had been said, Cruz likely would have endorsed him. 

But Cruz did the right thing. He put his marriage and family first before his political affiliation. Just like you pastors are supposed to put your marriage and family before your church. 

Since none of you have yet to post scriptures on the topic, I’m going to tell you now. Quit relying on your feelings. Get into Gods word on every subject. Including this. Let it guide you. 


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