This Present World

Look around, everyone. Violence everywhere. More and more, worse and worse. Everything that happens in the physical world comes forth from the reality of the spiritual world. This is what it means to take our country away from God, and allow the things to happen that we have legalized. The more we allow sin to have dominion over this nation, the worse this is going to get. This country has become a satanic stronghold for evil, and we are now reaping what was sown. 

And to make things worse? A lot of Christians are ok with this. Many among the body of Christ support the homosexuals having the right to marry each other. They support the lgbtq movement, and support the “pride” therein. I see it all over the Internet. 

I’m going to come out and say it. Again. This is not ok. And you know what? This has been coming a long time. But it started to get worse, as we got used to the darkness of society, and bam! The homosexual community got the right to marry eachother, and made it clear we had no choice but accept it and agree that they get it. They redefined God’s Holy Words to make this happen. Marriage is to be between one man, and one woman. That is the end of the matter. But now that they’ve opened Pandora’s Box and unleashed this evil upon our nation, the rest is coming too. 

The blm movement was founded out of racism. It was made in order to focus on dividing this country based upon something as stupid as skin color. Bet you didn’t know that if you look around, you see that people of other races are getting shot at the same time. White. Mexican. Black. Iraqi. Don’t the lives of other skin tones matter also? 

Look around, believers.  This is what it means to be Sodom and Gomorrah.  The only difference we have right now, is a group of people praying fervently for this country. Several groups all over the country are seeking to stem this tide of evil. This demonic darkness cannot stand against them. We fight a losing battle, but in the end, we’ve already won. 

Christians. Our mission is to stomp out hell wherever we are at, because heaven lives within us. Surrender entirely to Christ, because only He, in us, can prevent the darkness from a complete takeover. We are under a heavy assault from the demons of hell, under the command of Satan himself, the one who originally waged war in Heaven against God Almighty. Now, more than ever, is the time to look at how we, as Christians, are supposed to respond to these things. And it isn’t with phrases like: “I hope justice gets served.” Would you like justice served to you, also? Jesus said to do unto others, as you would have them do unto you. All of creation is groaning, and waiting for us to respond as true children of God! And what are we doing, man?! We sit here casting judgement upon sinners. Something we are never called to do. We are supposed to be the ones living like Christ, so they can see who breaks the chains of sin and death! But we can’t even get off our self righteous high horse and get on our knees to seek Gods face..

Stop being part of the problem, church. Become the solution. Become who God has created you to be!


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