We are too careful in the church today.. many of us at least. I am learning to abandon everything I am, and embrace all that God says for me to be and do. But it isn’t coming quickly. I am still my own worst enemy, as I seek after the baptism of Fire. It’s hard man. I surrender myself, but my flesh keeps crawling off the altar right before the Fire falls.

Something we should all consider is who we are in Christ.

I mean really, do we understand? We are sons and daughters of God. We are the Temple of the Holy Ghost. As such, the Holy Ghost lives within us, more and more as our relationship with God grows. To be so full of Him that we are a glove He wears to act in power? That requires relationship based upon repentance and Holiness. We can have all the power of God in our lives, but it is never about us. It is always Him. When we get in the way, we misdirect His power for our own purposes.

God lives within us. What does that even mean? How can this even be possible?

Not an easy question to answer. But for it to be possible, we are required to lay down our lives  on the altar for him. There can be nothing left of us at that point. All of us should be positioned completely for Him and His glory. We are called to be a living sacrifice, and to be positioned for Him. If we want to make it, we either must surrender or we don’t do so. A surrendered sacrifice stays on the altar when the Fire falls. We have to walk out what we say we mean and believe. But we can’t. None of us can. Jesus can. As He lives within us, we are to let Him control us. We are to walk His walk, and continue His ministry on this earth. His ministry was one of reconciliation. To bring us back to God. And then when we are brought back to God, we are given His life within us. God’s life is perfect and Holy. It is written to be Holy, as He is Holy. Our Father is Holy. He adopts us through the blood of Christ, man! If His life is given to us, then we have Holiness within us, and we must walk in it! In Matthew 6:33 it says this:

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you.

Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness. The truth of what we are to be praying for and seeking all the time.The gospel of Christ brings the Kingdom into you, in order to push Hell out of you. Seek more of the Kingdom of God to be within you at all times, while striving for His righteousness. The two can be married so beautifully within us that we can walk like Jesus at all times. All of Heaven is waiting on the children of God to rise up and walk like Jesus. Even more so, people on earth are depending upon US to walk like Jesus, people are dying every day, and making the trip to Hell. These people who depend upon us. I’m going to take the gospel and tell you what I believe in, for freedom in Christ. You ready?

To be free, we must believe in Christ, and HIM crucified. Everything else is unnecessary to this. Freedom can be found in HIM alone.

The whole of the Gospel of Christ hinges upon this. He spoke of His death. He knew it was going to happen, and everything He taught was pointing to His death on the cross. Nothing else matters.

People don’t need churches and the programs to get freedom. People need Jesus. Jesus. Jesus.. all of it comes back to Him. Christ alone can break the chains of bondage that we bear from Hell and by the work of Satan. The finished work of the Cross gave us all that we need to be free.

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