No Compromise

The love of Jesus and His words are the be all, end all, of matters for me. No compromise. I don’t care what any other person’s truth is. No compromise.

Jesus said this: “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No man cometh to the father, but by me.”

Jesus left no room for the apathetic compromise to be found in His followers. We are called to follow Him, to be like Him. When we open up the Bible, and looking at the life of Christ, we are looking at who God is telling us to be like. Our every prayer ought to be one of surrender, saying: “Lord, I am not who your word says I am, but I need to be, make me to be this word!”

There is grace and place within the Kingdom of God for us to remain in a place of constant repentance, to keep ourselves pure, clean, and Holy. ~ Todd White

It is written, be Holy, for I am Holy. If we truly believe our Bibles, then how can we NOT strive for Holiness and Righteousness by way of continual repentance? How can we not live what we say we believe?

We spend too much time arguing amongst ourselves, and others give themselves passes on believing what’s in the Bible, saying things like: To truly understand whats there we need to go back to the original languages. Give me a break. That is applicable mainly to translating away into a new language.  But that is the excuse I keep getting when I tell people to bring me scriptures when they tell me I’m wrong. What if you put all your time into actually walking out Jesus words as you ought? Talking about Him like you have a true, deep relationship with Him? We need our intimacy with God restored.

I believe we can be Holy, like He is Holy. Because He commands it of us. Jesus said to do it, and He won’t tell us to do things that aren’t possible. It may be impossible for us, but God came to live within us! And we are told that with God, all things are possible. It is also written: I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me.

With His death, burial, and resurrection, we are given everything we need to be successful in life. God calls us His son’s and daughters. God calls us Kings and Priests. We are Princes and Princesses. Children of God, making us step brothers and stepsisters of Christ. We have everything we meed to be a Christian living out of Faith and Power, and Love, and Sound Mind. But often we have a problem! Ourselves. Jesus said to let those who would follow, pick up their crosses and follow Him.

We are not called to lives of silence and solitude, we  are called to lives that are loud, and full of the Holy Ghost. Lives that are touched by the ultimate presence of an eternal, supernatural, God. We are to be lives that are filled with His presence, as though God Himself wears us like a glove to show the world what a life lived for Him can do.

No compromise.

May we all learn to surrender and be completely and totally consumed. We are called to be living sacrifices, each of us. What happens to a sacrifice on an altar? It gets consumed. God is an all consuming Fire, that only we can quench, by not allowing Him to consume us. We hold on to all these things that aren’t necessary.

What say you? Are you satisfied as a passive Christian? I’m not.

No Compromise.


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