Marriage isn’t hard. Living as one ought to, in a manner pleasing to the Lord, isn’t either. I’m not saying it’s easy. It is a simple and challenging thing, but not hard. The first choice one makes every day ought to be to die to themselves and walk in the Spirit. It is, in fact, a choice.  Being married was a choice also. Entering into that binding covenant in front of the Lord God of Hosts, that’s easy to do without knowing all the ramifications. 

What’s hard? Oh. Being human. Slipping up. It happens. But only as you feed the flesh instead of the Spirit. We can be Holy and pure, and selfless and righteous. It is written: Be holy, for I am holy. God has never commanded His people of covenant keepers to do something impossible. Therefore it is possible to be Holy. You have to choose it constantly, at first. You have to be consistent and pray. Satan will give you a fabulous marriage if it will keep you from living the way God wants you too. God will give you a better one if you just surrender and pray for His kingdom and presence in your life. 

Life is hard. Life is full of heartache and full of sorrows. But likewise it is full of joy and full of peace. Another decision.  You get to choose to have peace and Joy in the storms. God gives them to us freely. 

The belief that marriage is hard is a false belief. Except when you, as a human, make it hard by allowing the hardships of life to make it hard. Marriage is intrinsically easy. But people make it hard by bringing their problems and incorporating them into their marriage. It isn’t the marriage that’s hard. Marriage is an adventure of epic proportions, and as such it will bring challenges to the marriage, but it will be the challenges that are hard.  Not the marriage. 

The two people become unified as one in soul, mind, and purpose. When they choose to each put God first and Worship Him, doing as He says in the Word, marriage becomes easy.  


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