Christian Dominion

This is a concept related to dominion and kingship, but with the incorporation of the priesthood aspect of the Christian. 

The whole of creation belongs to God, he gives each of us our own plot, or room in His house, so to speak. But it’s still His house. What this means is that His rules apply above and beyond anything we can come up with. Many Christians want to get a little of Him, you know. A quick dose of blood to go to heaven on.. Some church to become a better individual. But not actually put in the work on things He specifies in the Bible.. I’d like a 30% discount please. 

Discount Christianity. Christianity without dominion. This is the type of individual who worries or gossips, and blames it on their role or station in life, even in genetics, saying it is necessary. Ignoring the fact that the Bible speaks against these things clearly. 

But when you align yourself under the rules that God Himself put into place for this, His creation, and do His will? Then there’s a surge of power and His presence unlike anything you’ve ever known. That’s when He moves mountains for you. That’s when He says to the world, “woe to any who would touch my anointed.” And with Him in your corner, you’ve got all you need backing you up. To get that, though, requires surrender on the big things, and the little things. To get there means giving more than token prayers. It means actually choosing to walk in the Spirit instead of the Flesh. And then actively praying to remain in the Spirit. Being in the spirit isn’t easy, but it is necessary and commanded in scriptures. Which means it is something one actually does, actively so. It’s not just gonna be God sweeping us up into the Spirit all the time, though it does happen. Most of the time, it’s going to be a fight, and a struggle to get into it. But once you push through in prayer, and you keep on, things begin to change. Sometimes it’s the external that changes, others, it’s the internal. Once we learn anew, to walk, exist, and pray in the spirit, then we will have dominion as we ought to have. To its fullest. For the Glory of the Lord, the God of hosts, and of all creation. 


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