Like Others

Like other bloggers, I love seeing the clicks and views on my blog going up in count. I enjoy discovering that others are reading my work. 

But what about God? 

Am I so concerned with clicks and views that I can keep writing when God tells me what to write on, even as the clicks and views begin going away?  Can I keep doing what I ought, when there’s no visible reward? Can I stay faithful through the silence? For some people, the answer is no. For others, the answer is yes. For me? I think it’s a good question. It comes back to surrender. 

It’s easy to surrender to the good feelings that come from doing the right thing. Of course it is. But we aren’t called to surrender to the dopamine rush in our brain box. Yes. God gave that to us, and wants to use it for our good, but we have to be in the right place. Walking with Him. That ought to be our first priority. If it isn’t, then He might just withhold it for a while to make sure. 

Surrender is hard. Especially when we don’t understand what’s been going on. A friend commits suicide. A father somewhere dies. A mentor turns away from God. A close friend walks away. 

Life is full of heartache and full of trials. If we aren’t careful, we find ourselves questioning the mission and vision of Christianity, and the Goodness of God. 

But on the other hand, God wants to draw us closer to Himself, and that doesn’t happen in the good times. It happens when things are going rough. When we are desperately crying out to God in prayer. When things are good, we don’t pray like we should. We tend to leave the intense prayer back in the valley of the shadow of death. The intense and fervent prayers are what God wants from us at all times. They are full of faith and move His hand on your behalf. 

So.. Don’t be like others. 

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