Common Sense Gun Control

That’s the biggest contradiction I’ve ever heard. The issue at hand is not the guns. It’s the violence. I’m the history of mankind, there have been people who excel at bloodshed. There are two types of those violent people. The type that enjoys and revels in it, and the type that are only violent out of necessity. 

Gun control is a foolish notion, and every time I hear it I can’t help but cringe that anyone could be so foolish. 

It’s not a gun issue. Guns are not able to fire themselves. They all have a trigger which gets pulled or activated by a person. Violence is a heart issue. A self control issue. You want common sense gun control, you’re actively contradicting yourself. And the only thing more foolish than this idea is a person who believes in this idea. Quite frankly I can’t believe what I see, especially from Christians, on the topic. 

Jesus was no peaceable man. He came not to bring peace but a sword. He came to bring war. His own words indicate this. But most of you people are so into the loveydovey feel good Jesus that you can’t begin to recognize the truth that is in His words, in black and white, or how plain he was when saying it. 

Just a few, disorganized thoughts from me at work. 

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