Kingship and Dominion

Several months ago, a book was released, that quickly became near and dear to my heart. It is entitled “How to become a Modern Viking”. It is a men’s self help book that explains the problems men face overall out there, from a non Christian standpoint, and gives brilliant solutions. Most Christians I know would discount it for very interesting reasons, to each their own of course. But there’s so much to learn, that wasn’t covered in this book. Regardless, I joined the Modern Viking Brotherhood. Most of the people who read here are here for my posts on Christian living, and I learned more in the past month on that than I have in years. But this post is geared towards my brothers, who come from a variety of backgrounds. Military, civilian, divorced, dating, single, Asatru, and many labels can be thrown about. But we all have one thing in common. A deep desire to be men, and to be strong men.  For this purpose, as one of few married men in the brotherhood that I’m part of, I write this. It’s completely applicable to all men, as it is vital to understand if one is to follow ones path in life to the fullest. So here we go. 

Kingship and Dominion. A huge and tough topic to grasp and talk about in many circles, because it tends to get a bad rep these days. Modern day feminism, not all but a huge chunk of it, has castrated men in their minds. Men aren’t allowed to be men anymore. And yet, this isn’t always the case. My brother and founder of the MV brotherhood has often found that most girls out there want men who are truly men. Big and muscle bound, or lean and shredded, but both carrying an intangible confidence in themselves, something that screams that they don’t need to prove anything to anyone, cause they know exactly who they are and what they can do. A quiet strength that just emanates from somewhere deep within. 

There’s always room to improve that though, and to do it well requires knowledge. It’s a concept found in scriptures, for the Christians reading who show skepticism at this writing. I won’t cite much of that here, but rather present concepts. Anyone who wants to see what the bible has to say on the matter and concept can contact me directly on this and I’ll show you what the Bible says. 

Are we ready? As men, knowledge of this concept needs to be applied. When we have it, if we don’t apply it, it will eat away at us until we do. If we understand little, but don’t ask, it will do the same. As this is for the modern Vikings, I know that y’all are ready and willing to put in the work to better yourselves, as I am for myself. But the rest of you, get ready to jump, or to run. 

A king named Ragnar asked a group of people, advisors and warriors with him, what a king does. Only one, his son, could answer. “He rules.” That is right, my friends! A king rules. But a king has to rule well, or he is a dictator. Kingship in modern society is a hard thing, because many women out there have been hurt by masculinity gone bad. Kings who ruled by domination instead of by dominion. And many of us fall into that pit before we realize what we’ve done. 

Domination: a rule by force to better ones life by manipulating those around oneself or outright breaking them to ones own will. 

Dominion: the authority to rule, or to control, by way of providing and caring for those around them. 

The two are very similar, and yet as different as light and dark, night and day. Two sides of the same coin. 

A poor king, or dictator, tends to be insecure in his dominion and rules by domination because he feels he has to, in order to be accepted. 

A good king rules by dominion, yet knows when domination is necessary, never relying or trusting in force and control to hold his kingship. 

In domination, people serve the king out of fear of his wrath, but in dominion, the king serves his people out of love and duty to them. Stoick the Vast from How to Train your Dragon said this on the matter: No job is too small when serving your people. Yes. I know. I’m quoting kids shows too now. But they often teach profound truth when written right. Stories are told to tell a point, or to teach a moral value. All tribes and cultures did this. But that’s another thing for another time. 

We as men have a deeply rooted desire to be strong and to rule well, but very few of us seem to actually understand how it’s done. 

Good news. It’s not that difficult, most of us just need a guide to teach us. So here we go. 

“A chief protects their own.” Anytime you’re put into a position of authority of any kind, you’re in charge of taking care of those under you. Be it your wife. Your children. Your coworkers or employees. You take care of them. You make sure that stuff gets done. Sometimes this means delegation, other times it means stepping down and getting the dirty work done yourself. 

Kingship means that you hear out the people you lead and rule, but you make the final decision on any and all matters in regards to them. And remember, you’re responsible for the consequences of the decisions made, both the good and the bad. You are to make their lives better, while taking into account their personal desires and wishes. Sometimes it’s going to be harsh to give them what they need over what they want, but necessity comes before desires. If we are married we know that we are equals and that someone still has to make the decisions. Sometimes this means compromise. But if you always are striving to rule well, and to give your significant other What they need, not just what they want. In a perfect world we could do both, with ease. But that is unfortunately not the case. 

Dominion. It is the authority over those around you that are in your care, but it also includes the possessions, land, animals, etc.. You, as the king, are to care for them each and all. You are the example to your sons and daughters of how one ought to behave and to treat those around them. But you are also the authority in their life. As the king, they need to know you’ve got their back, and that when they’re in the right, you’ll back them up. A bully at school gets punched in the face by your son. The family of the bully wants to see discipline. What do you do? You explain it quite plainly and clearly that you fully expect your son to stand up for himself, brooking no abuse, of any kind. Especially if teachers have been told and instead of improvement, things get worse. 

It’s your job to back them. To mediate disputes by a specific and closely held moral or religious code. To raise them up to follow it. The king rules.

My question to y’all is this: do ye rule well? 

In parting, I just want to say this. 

Rule well, through justice, compassion, and mercy,  through Dominion. Don’t let others with no dominion sway your rule. 

Don’t rule by force. Force ought to be reserved for those outside your dominion trying to rule your household. 
– Calanon

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