Inner Strength

Many people hear the term and attribute it to strength of mind and emotions. It plays a role in those for sure, but it’s not directly related to either of them. Those at merely results of it.  Today I’m going to go into the concept of Thumos, which can’t entirely be translated any one way from the Greek language to English. Oddly enough this is an unusual occurrence. Usually there’s quite a few words to choose from when translating from the Greek. In this case each way to translate it has a different word to be used in Greek. 

However, I digress. Thumos can be translated to mean any number of things, such as: soul juice, spiritedness, spirit, guts, courage, soul heat, inner strength, willpower, etc..
Thumos is however, an intangible thing. It is inherent within most people, but, sadly, often times in today’s world and church world gets surgically removed, so to speak. It is not exactly “safe.” It’s a rebellion against the status quo, it’s the passion within that’s says no, when something is wrong. The driving force that will let us bend, but keep us from breaking. 

Thumos is a force of nature, and the inheritance of mankind. It has two distinct forms, and it manifests the one or the other most based upon intent and emotion when used. True Thumos and Shadow Thumos.  Most people find it easy to rely on shadow Thumos because it’s the easy route. Doesn’t require discipline to use. 

Shadow Thumos is marked quite a bit by an assertiveness of ones own will upon others. For right or wrong, it forces others to ones will. 

Ironically true Thumos is marked by an assertiveness almost entirely the same. For right or for wrong, asserting ones own will as the course of action. This one, however, doesn’t force another party to act in accordance with it. 

Neither version of Thumos acts contrarily to the will of the user. One is abusive, the other is gentle yet firm. Neither of them can be found in most places I look anymore. For a long time, I thought I was void of it. Until expressing my frustration to an old friend who looked at me and had this to say: “son, I can look you in the eye right now and see it. All you have to do is learn to use it.”

Since then I’ve searched and searched. Only to find that I was looking in all the wrong places. Why turn outwards when it is something within me? Through prayer and meditation I found it. Stillness of the soul and peace of the Spirit is the way I found it. Until you can make the journey inside oneself you will never fully be able to find or understand it. There’s a time where one has to be willing to actually learn ones inheritance as a huma being. For the Christians, this means learning to actually meditate. To see within oneself, guided by the Spirit. It isn’t easy, traversing the temple. Not in the slightest. To come face to face with yourself, embrace your flaws and weaknesses, to actually know yourself and be honest completely, is very difficult. In order to do this, have to have a very clear and strong reason to be looking. This isn’t for the weak or afraid. This is for the ones who will stand up and tell people to shut up and listen. 

I used to apologize for saying this. But I’ve learned to never apologize for honesty. 

If you fall under the category of weakness, or void of Thumos, there is still hope. It can be brought back and developed. If it’s gone from church going and preaching, then it’s time to read about Jesus. He was full of Soul Juice. It marks everything he did. Also consider a different church. Some pastors still encourage strength and fighting spirit within an individual. I’m blessed to have found one such myself. 

Regardless of your religion though, this is your inheritance as a human. I urge you to find it and learn to use it well. 

For Christians, it becomes an amazing thing when combined with the supernatural power of the baptism of the Holy Ghost. You can have Thumos without it, but you can’t have the baptism without having the Thumos. The baptism of fire generally activates it in its entirely, and gives you the staying power. But like everything else that’s worth having, you have to want it. Fight for it. Believe in it. 

That’s pretty much all I have to say on this right now. 

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